Gentleman’s Responsibilities of Conduct

  • Self-conduct — A gentleman’s primary responsibility is how he conducts himself, and especially to avoid burdening others or embarrassing himself, his group, country, or club.
  • In the context of our club, this is perhaps most evident in the need to not get overly drunk at, or after, our events. We all drink a lot of wine, along with post-dinner beverages, but always with some degree of moderation, in particular always in control and able to maintain our standards of decorum, decency, and avoiding being a burden to others. This especially means being able to smoothly make your way home after our events.
  • Comradeship — We, as gentlemen, have a responsibility to our fellow fellows to broadly take care of each other, as comrades-in-beverages. This especially means helping each other refrain from drinking too much, avoiding burdening those outside the club (e.g. venue staff & our spouses), and especially ensuring each others’ safe passage home after events.
  • This critically means not abandoning our members or guests if they are too drunk to think, walk, or get home. Not a pleasant task, but not all of a gentleman’s responsibilities are.
  • Sponsorship — Every member has one or more sponsors and good friends within the club. While not an overly strong connection, a sponsor is broadly responsible for their members’ behavior and reputation.
  • While there are limits to this, failure to help their members adhere to our standards certainly reflects poorly on the sponsor, and I’d ask sponsors to address the failure to meet these standards with their members, including issuing verbal, written, and in-person apologies where necessary.



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Steve Mushero

Steve Mushero

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